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Business Owner’s Domestic Violence and Assault Charges Dismissed

A gentleman in his forties found himself in a very scary situation. After an argument with his wife, the police were called and he was arrested and charged with Domestic Violence and Assault in Delaware Municipal Court.

Not knowing what he was facing, the gentleman began to do research online. He contacted attorney Ben Luftman who spoke with him at length concerning the charges and what he was facing and the concerns regarding convictions remaining on his criminal background for the rest of his life. Having no prior criminal convictions, he was rightfully concerned. Ultimately, this gentleman decided to hire the Columbus Criminal Defense team to represent him on the case.

Columbus domestic violence attorney Dan Sabol accompanied our client to court multiple times. After reviewing all of the evidence available, attorney Sabol began negotiation on his behalf. In the end, attorney Sabol was able to negotiate a dismissal of both the domestic violence and assault charges for our client’s payment of court costs.

The resolution will allow our client to avoid jail time and probation, preserve his criminal background and most importantly, move on from a very unfortunate evening.

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