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Businessman Avoids Mandatory Jail Time as OVI / DUI High Test Dismissed

An out of state businessman was in town to visit family and while driving was stopped by the local police department for failure to signal and traffic control device violations. He was asked to get out of the vehicle and submit to the roadside field sobriety tests. After failing the roadside field sobriety test, he was arrested and charged with OVI / DUI and taken back to the police station. There he was asked to submit to a breath test. He complied and blew well over the high test .170 limit. He was then additionally charged with OVI / DUI High Concentration.

If our client was found guilty or convicted, he would have to serve three days in jail. Having never dealt with more than a traffic ticket and being an otherwise upstanding member of the community, our client was understandably terrified.

Attorney Dan Sabol represented the client and after thoroughly reviewing the evidence, was able to negotiate the dismissal of OVI / DUI High Concentration charge. The result allowed our client to avoid jail. Additionally, due to the fact he lived across the country, attorney Sabol was able to get advance permission from the court to resolve his case without him having to travel across the country to appear at his sentencing date.

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