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Businessman’s Theft Charge Dismissed

A local businessman, with no prior criminal background, made a very serious lapse in judgment. He went to Macy’s and tried to take items out of the store. He was stopped, taken to loss prevention and confessed. This client was extremely ashamed of his conduct. A theft conviction could result in even greater embarrassment and could cause him great difficulty in trying to get another job in the future.

There were no evidentiary issues with the case. Nonetheless, criminal attorney Dan Sabol was able to relate the issues our client was having and the impact a conviction could have on his life. The prosecutor offered to dismiss the charge upon our client’s completion of a few negotiated requirements.

The charge will soon be sealed or expunged. Our client’s record will once again be unblemished and he will be able to move on from one of the most trying experiences of his life.

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