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Construction Executive’s first Offense OVI / DUI Reduced to Reckless Operation

Our client is fortunate enough to be employed at a leading highway construction company. However, this was placed at risk when he was arrested for a first offense OVI / DUI. After contemplating losing his career and ability to support his children he placed his trust in our firm.

Attorney Chase Mallory filed a not guilty plea and quickly began actively litigating the case. Our client had been stopped after several 911 calls from concerned motorists. The police cruiser caught up with our client and captured the poor driving on camera. He immediately lit him up but our client drove nearly a mile before noticing. After smelling the odor of alcohol our client submitted to SFSTs.

At a suppression hearing, Mr. Mallory cross-examined the arresting officer on his administration if the SFSTs and his compliance with the manual he was trained on. At one point, the officer questioned whether he knew his manual very well or not. Ultimately the one leg stand and walk and turn tests were suppressed.

Having a majority of the evidence suppressed, the case resulted in a reduction to a reckless operation the day of trial. We were also able to have the Administrative License Suspension terminated and the $475 reinstatement fee waived.

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