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Construction Worker Drives Outside Driving Privileges and Avoids Mandatory Jail Time

Our client, a young construction worker, was previously convicted of a lesser Reckless Operation charge when he was originally charged with OVI / DUI. The Columbus Criminal Defense team represented him on the original OVI / DUI charge and made sure that had driving privileges. Unfortunately, our client decided to drive outside of the driving privileges to retrieve his work belt. He was pulled over by the police, who then checked his driving privileges.

He was found to be driving outside of the hours he was granted to drive and was subsequently charged with driving under an OVI suspension. If convicted, our client would have been required to spend at least 3 days in jail, his license would likely be suspended again and his vehicle would have to be clubbed for at least 30 days. Having never spent a day in jail and employed full time, none of these penalties were going to work out for our client.

Attorney Dan Sabol represented the client on the case and after getting letters from his company and co-workers to further explain the circumstances, was able to convince the prosecutor to amend the charge to a lesser no operator’s license charge.

The result meant that our client would not spend any time in jail. He would have no license suspension. He would have 0 points on his license, instead of 6. He also did not receive and probation.

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