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Controlled Substance Charges Reduced For Woman After Two Traffic Stops

A short time ago, criminal defense attorney Joseph Kunkel assisted a 40-year-old woman in Madison County with two separate, but very similar drug possession cases. Initially, the woman was stopped for speeding and when police officers searched the woman’s handbag they found a bottle of anti-anxiety medication. Although the pills were prescribed to her, the woman had more than the allotted amount. As such, the officer charged her with possession of a controlled substance. The woman did not think this incident was handled properly and retained the services of Luftman, Heck & Associates to handle the case against her.

After discussing the details of the incident, attorney Joseph Kunkel worked with the prosecution and deftly achieved a dismissal based on the fact that the officers did not have the necessary probable cause to search his client’s purse. With the controlled substance charge removed, the woman was excused from further concern, but unfortunately, quickly found herself in legal trouble again. A short time later, she was stopped for another traffic violation that resulted in her car being impounded. When the impound lot conducted an inventory of the vehicle, probable cause was no longer an issue and the number of pills in her prescription bottle was again questioned. She was subsequently charged with the same controlled substance offense and called upon the services of Joseph Kunkel.

It became apparent that his client had not used the previous month’s apportioned pills and when she added her new monthly prescription, it appeared as if she had more pills than necessary. Attorney Kunkel presented this explanation to the court and arranged for her participation in a drug dependency assessment, after which her charges would be amended to a lesser disorderly conduct offense. In the end, his client was quite relieved to move on after these incidents, knowing these lapses in judgment would not result in haunting drug convictions.

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