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Domestic Violence and Assault Charges Dismissed

After an argument with her boyfriend, a young lady in her early twenties found herself in a terrifying position. The police were called and after they showed up and spoke to both parties, arrested the young lady and charged her with domestic violence and assault. Her case was scheduled in Franklin County Municipal Court.

After spending a night in jail, the young lady, who had no prior criminal offense, was panicked. She was now charged with two offenses, where if convicted, she was facing up to six months in jail and up to    $1, 000 in fines. Additionally, a domestic violence and/or assault conviction would remain on her criminal background for the rest of her life.  She reached out to the Columbus Criminal Defense team for help.

Attorney Dan Sabol represented the young lady in court. He was able to explain the circumstances to the prosecutor and ultimately his arguments convinced the prosecutor to dismiss both of the charges. This resolution meant that our client would not spend any additional time in jail. Additionally, she is able to avoid convictions on offenses of violence that would remain on her background for the rest of her life.

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