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Drug and Alcohol Convictions Avoided

A 20 year old young man was attending a concert and was partying in the parking lot before entering the venue. He was approached by an Ohio Department of Public Safety officer and asked for his ID. Being under 21, he was of course not of age to drink. The officer also found marijuana and a pipe. The young man then found him charged with under 21 prohibition of alcohol, drug paraphernalia and misdemeanor drug abuse. His case was then scheduled for arraignment in Franklin County Municipal Court.

A conviction for any of the three offenses would potentially remain on his record for life and in the short term, a conviction for either of the drug offense would have resulted in a license suspension of six months to five years. Unsure of what to do, this young man contacted the Columbus Criminal Defense team and spoke to attorney Ben Luftman. After speaking with attorney Luftman, the team was retained to help.

Attorney Luftman and attorney Dan Sabol represented the client in court. Attorney Sabol reviewed all of the evidence and after 5 court dates was able to negotiate a resolution where both drug offenses were dismissed and the client paid a bond to the court on the under 21 prohibition of alcohol. The bond forfeiture effectively avoided a conviction on that charge as well. This resolution allowed our client to keep all three charges of his record, his license and to move on with his life after one very bad concert experience.

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