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Drug Paraphernalia and Marijuana Possession Convictions Avoided

A very young lady found herself in a bad situation. Through a set of circumstances, she found herself charged with drug paraphernalia and drug possession. If she was convicted of either charge, her license would have been suspended for a minimum of six months and she would have a drug conviction on her record. Her case was scheduled in Circleville Municipal Court.

Given these circumstances, she reached out to the Columbus Criminal Defense team for help. Attorney Chase Mallory represented her on the case. Over multiple court dates, attorney Mallory reviewed all of the evidence and negotiated with the prosecutor on this young lady’s behalf. Ultimately, attorney Mallory was able to convince the prosecutor to amend the drug paraphernalia to a disorderly conduct charge and dismiss the drug possession. This resolution kept drug convictions off our client’s record, it also allowed her to keep her license.

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