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Drug Paraphernalia Charge Dismissed

Our client, a woman in her mid-fifties found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She found herself charged by a Grandview Heights police office with drug paraphernalia. Her case was then scheduled in Franklin County Municipal Court.

Having never been charged with more than a traffic ticket, our client was deeply concerned about having any type of conviction on her record. Additionally, she was shocked to learn that a conviction would also lead to her license being suspended for a minimum of six months, even though she was not driving when she was received the ticket.

She contacted attorney Ben Luftman and spoke with him at length about the charges, potential penalties and her options moving forward. The Columbus Criminal Defense team was retained to represent her on the case.

Attorney Dan Sabol represented our client. In this case, there simply were no good legal arguments. Sometimes, that happens. However, attorney Sabol was ultimately able to negotiate the dismissal of our client’s case for court costs and successful completion of a drug education program.

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