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Endangering Children Charges Dismissed

A father found himself in as bad a situation as he possibly could. After a 911 hang-up call, Columbus Police Department officers arrived at the location and found 3 young children alone, and were unable to locate their parents. They finally were able to locate the father, who indicated he was at the store and would be right back. The officers thought that he might have been gone an hour. The officers were able to locate the grandmother who lived down the street. When he returned, he was charged with 3 counts of endangering children. His case was then scheduled for arraignment in Franklin County Municipal Court.

This dad was devastated. He knew these endangering children charges were first-degree misdemeanors and were punishable by up to 6 months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. More that though, he knew he had done nothing wrong. When speaking with attorney Ben Luftman, he had sworn he left the children with the grandmother and would never have left them home alone. The Columbus Criminal Defense team was hired to fight the endangering children charges and exonerate our client.

Attorney Dan Sabol and attorney Joe Kunkel represented our client on his case. After taking the case through the court process and pushing hard to vindicate our client, the prosecutor agreed with our version of the events and dismissed all of the endangering children charges. Our client was understandably beyond relieved and grateful to move on with his life.

The dismissal, along with the subsequent expungement or sealing of the record of the case will remove it from the Franklin County Municipal Court website and from his criminal background.

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