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Engineer Avoids Disorderly Conduct and Drug Charges

A young engineer went out with her friends over a weekend and had entirely too much to drink. During the evening she was separated from her group and became disoriented due to her impairment. She was unable to function and came to while in jail. During that time she had been discovered urinating outdoors, she then argued with a police officer and was charged with a disorderly conduct. While searching her purse for some identification, a marijuana pipe and marijuana were also found and she was charged with drug possession and drug paraphernalia.

A conviction for any of these four charges could have very serious implications on this young lady’s very promising career as an engineer. After speaking with attorney Ben Luftman, this young lady put her trust and her career in the hands of the criminal defense team.

Columbus, Ohio criminal attorneys Ben Luftman and Dan Sabol represented her at court. Sometimes, you cannot argue the facts and evidentiary weaknesses in a case. Instead, attorneys Luftman and Sabol chose to make a mitigation argument based on the outstanding life she had led up to the night she was charges. Our client had accomplished many things during her young life. We were fortunate to have a very understanding prosecutor, who agreed to dismiss all of the charges upon our client’s completion of community service and an alcohol and drug dependency assessment.

The dismissal and subsequent expungement or sealing of the record will permanently erase this blight on our young client’s otherwise spotless record. She was relieved beyond words.

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