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Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Charges Dismissed

A young student was pulled over for a traffic violation. The officer smelled marijuana and asked to search the vehicle. He found marijuana, a marijuana pipe and a loose pill. The student was charged with marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia and felony drug possession. A conviction for either of the three felony and misdemeanor drug charges would have resulted in our client losing his financial aid, a mandatory 6 month to three-year license suspension and potentially a felony drug conviction on his record. His parents were extremely concerned about their son’s potential legal exposure and contacted the Columbus Criminal Defense team.

Attorney Dan Sabol took the case and through his own investigation and negotiation, coordinated a dismissal of both the misdemeanor marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia charges with the misdemeanor prosecutor and a dismissal of the felony drug possession charge with the felony prosecutor.  With all his charges dismissed, our client had no license suspension, is able to continue his education and his future is still on the right track.

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