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Not Guilty Verdict for Third Time OVI Offender

Our client had two prior OVI convictions from 2001 and 2003 along with a myriad of other old traffic violations. However, after having a child in 2003 he put those days behind him. Nearly 12 years elapsed from his last major traffic offense to when he found himself at the mercy of two Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputies.

After working a 60-hour week, he decided to make himself a cocktail before heading out to meet up with colleagues. After finishing his drink, he made the mistake of making another one to take with him. While driving down Interstate 70, he spilled the drink on his floor. A short time after, he noticed the familiar lights of a cruiser pulling him over for a series of traffic offenses.

Upon approaching the vehicle, the deputies smelled the strong odor of the alcoholic beverage that had recently been spilled. Consequently, they asked him to step out of the car and perform standard field sobriety tests. Having been through this before, he took the advice of many and politely told the deputies he was not willing to perform their tests. He was immediately arrested and later charged with OVI.

Refusing to plead to the OVI, he and Chase Mallory prepared for trial.  We received an acquittal of the most important charge (the OVI) and our client was convicted of 3 of the traffic offenses that initially drew the deputies attention: speeding, reckless operation, and a turn signal violation.

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