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Jail Avoided on Second Offense OVI / DUI Charge

A gentleman was driving home on Riverside drive and was stopped by the Upper Arlington Police department for a marked lanes violation. He was previously convicted of an OVI / DUI charge. After running this young man’s traffic record, the officer requested that he exit his vehicle and perform the roadside field sobriety tests. The young man complied.

After completing the tests he was arrested and charged with a second offense OVI / DUI. He was then transported back to the Upper Arlington Police Department and asked to submit to a breath test. He refused. He was then charged with and additional OVI / DUI refusal with a prior conviction within 20 years.

If convicted, this particular individual was facing a mandatory minimum 20 days consecutively in jail and a one to five-year license suspension. He would be required to install both the restricted (yellow) plates on his vehicle, as well as an interlock breath device. Our client was terrified.

Attorney Dan Sabol represented this young man on his case. Finding various evidentiary issues, attorney Sabol negotiated a resolution where our client was not required to spend any time in jail. Additionally, he was not required to get the yellow plates or interlock breath device on his vehicle. This result allowed him to keep his job and try to move forward with his life in a positive direction.

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