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October 25th Case Results

Today, two of our clients were charged with theft. One was a college student and another a college-educated professional working at a small business. If the professional had been convicted, he would have lost his job, and both of them would have faced serious hurdles to future employment. Thankfully, both cases were dismissed.

Another case saw a college-educated client in the banking industry charged with domestic violence and assault. If he had been convicted, he could have been looking at jail time, job loss and severe difficulty in finding a new job after being released. Again, though, thanks to our efforts, his case was dismissed.

Our last client, a family caretaker who works in the food service industry, was in an especially precarious position. It wasn’t the client’s first OVI / DUI charge, and they also faced other criminal charges. The OVI carried substantial mandatory jail time, potential loss of the client’s driver’s license for years and a high mandatory fine. On top of all that, they would have lost their job. After negotiating with the prosecutor, we managed to get the OVI / DUI and criminal charges dismissed, with the client pleading guilty to a minor traffic violation instead.

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense or OVI / DUI, you may face potential penalties similar to these clients. Here at Luftman, Heck & Associates, our job is not done until we achieve the best possible outcome for you. To contact an experienced criminal defense attorney, you can call 614-500—3836 or email us at

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