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Judge Finds Man Not Guilty after Public Indecency Trial

Through a series of circumstances, a man was charged with public indecency. He sought out a referral and was told to contact attorney Dan Sabol. After speaking with attorney Sabol, this gentleman retained him to represent him on the case in Franklin County Municipal Court.

Early in the case, attorney Sabol was able to spot an issue that would make the case very difficult for the prosecutor to prove. One of the elements of the offense was missing. Attorney Sabol attempted to negotiate the dismissal of the case on those grounds, but the prosecutor refused to do so.

The case was set for trial before the presiding judge. After conducting a trial before the judge, where the detective testified about the entire encounter, the judge found the state had not proven all of the elements of the offense of public indecency and that the client was therefore not guilty.

The client was quite relieved to not have a public indecency conviction on his record and extremely grateful that attorney Dan Sabol was the attorney he was referred to.

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