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Man Found Not Guilty of Assault Following Jury Trial

A man in his mid-thirties found himself in a very difficult position. An interaction with his ex-wife and her new boyfriend ended in being charged in Franklin County Municipal Court with assault. He was beside himself as he was adamant he had not assaulted anyone. Having never been charged with more than a traffic violation, the prospect of having an assault conviction on his criminal background for the rest of his life was unacceptable. Given how much was on the line, he contacted Columbus assault attorney Ben Luftman and after discussing the facts, hired the Columbus Criminal Defense team to represent him on the case.

Ultimately, this was a case where our client needed to take the witness stand and tell his side of the story to a jury of his peers. Attorney Dan Sabol conducted the two-day jury trial in Franklin County Municipal Court.  The jury deliberated for approximately 15 minutes and returned a not guilty verdict in favor of our client.

The result vindicated our client deeply on a personal level and will keep his criminal history clear for future employment purposes. He was extremely grateful for the work the Columbus Criminal Defense team and particularly attorney Sabol did on his behalf and our willingness to take a tough case to trial.

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