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Mandatory Jail Time Avoided on Second OVI / DUI Case

A gentleman in his 30’s was charged with a second OVI in six years after a motorcycle accident. Initially, he was looking at 20 days mandatory minimum in jail. He was also looking at a one to five-year license suspension and a mandatory requirement to have the restricted, yellow plates on his car. Attorney Dan Sabol carefully reviewed the facts of the case through the police report and additional reports on his client’s performance on the roadside field sobriety tests. After reviewing the reports, attorney Sabol came up with a strong legal argument on his client’s behalf. Rather than litigate the case, the prosecutor offered to lessen the charge. Instead of 20 days in jail, the client attended a 72 hour certified driver intervention program and spent one weekend in a private detention facility. His license suspension was lessened to six months and he was not required to have the restricted, yellow plates or interlock breath system installed in his vehicle.

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