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Marijuana OVI / DUI Reduced to Reckless Operation and Drug Charges Dismissed

An electrician/handyman was stopped after committing a signals and weaving violation. He was asked to submit to the roadside field sobriety tests. He complied. After completing the test, he was arrested for OVI / DUI and taken back to the local police department and asked to submit to a urine test. He complied. The urine test came back well over the legal limit for marijuana. While searching the gentleman’s car, marijuana and a pipe were found and he was also charged with marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia.

Being a self-employed electrician/handyman, marijuana OVI / DUI convictions could have had multiple bad consequences for our client. Most importantly, he would lose his license for six months to five years. Not having the ability to drive would understandably have a devastating impact on his business and his life. Knowing the stakes, this gentleman turned to the Columbus Criminal Defense team for help.

Attorney Ben Luftman represented the client. After reviewing all of the reports and DVD for weaknesses in the state’s case, attorney Luftman was able to negotiate the amendment of the OVI / DUI charge to a lesser offense of reckless operation. In addition, attorney Luftman was able to negotiate the dismissal of both the marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia charges.

The resolution allowed our client to avoid an OVI / DUI conviction, as well as a drug conviction. Most importantly, he was able to get driving privileges and was never without the ability to drive during the pendency of his case. This result allowed him to continue to work and keep his company.

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