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OVI Offense Reduced for a Non-Citizen

Driving under the influence is taken very seriously in Ohio and if you are charged with an Ohio OVI, you’ll want a skilled attorney with experience handling various OVI cases to answer your questions and help you craft a strong defense. A short time ago, a man and an immigrant to this country found himself in a tough spot legally, when he was pulled over and charged with an OVI after the officer detected alcohol and a consequent breathalyzer test showed his BAC as over the .08 legal limit. Faced with possible time in jail, costly fines, and a lengthy driver license suspension, in addition to any effects an OVI conviction would have on his road to citizenship, the man became concerned and contacted the well-practiced Ohio OVI attorneys at Luftman, Heck & Associates.

In an effort to defend his client, attorney Daniel Sabol engaged in several rounds of strategic negotiations and pre-trial hearings on his behalf. This culminated in attorney Sabol filing a motion arguing that there were obvious mistakes in how his client’s field sobriety was conducted. Upon review, the prosecution agreed with this assertion and agreed to reduce the OVI charge to the non-moving offense of being in control of a vehicle while impaired. Since this would constitute a lesser violation, its effects are likewise less severe, including a six-month license suspension and his required participation in a three-day driver intervention program. The client was pleased to learn that once these conditions are met, he can move past this unfortunate incident.

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