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OSU Student Avoids Fake ID and Obstruction Charges

A young man, attending The Ohio State University and pre-med major was at a house party on campus on a recent Saturday night. This young student is under 21. The Columbus Police Department was on campus patrolling and came into the party. Those partygoers who were under 21 decided to exit as quickly as possible. The young man who had been drinking was among those partygoers. After a brief chase, he was stopped.

During his conversation with police, he admitted to drinking. A search of his wallet yielded an over 21 fake license. He was then charged with Under 21 Possession of Alcohol; Obstruction of Official Business and Possessing a Fictitious ID. His case was scheduled in Franklin County Municipal Court.

Until this evening, the young man had lived a truly exemplary life. No criminal charges, extremely high GPA, extracurricular activities and community service. Being a pre-med major, himself and his family was extremely concerned about the impact convictions would have on his chance to get into medical school. He did a great deal of online research prior to contacting attorney Benjamin Luftman. After discussing his options, the Columbus Criminal Defense team was hired to represent the young man on his case.

Attorney Dan Sabol represented our client at court. He was able to negotiate a resolution where the obstruction and fake ID charges were dismissed. Our client pled guilty to the underage alcohol possession charge. He received a fine and no probation. In one year, attorney Sabol will go back to court and file a motion to seal or expunge the record of the offense. Upon the judge’s approval, the entire record of the charge will be permanently removed from his record and he will be able to apply to medical school with a clean slate.

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