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OSU Student’s Disorderly Conduct Charge Dismissed

A young man was at his sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner and drank too much. The next thing he knew, he was regaining consciousness while in jail. While putting together the evening after the fact, he learned that he had gone back to his other sister’s apartment and began arguing with her boyfriend. The argument turned into a physical confrontation and the police were called. He was arrested charged with disorderly conduct. His case was then scheduled in Grove City Mayor’s Court.

Outside of this very unfortunate evening, this young man is a full-time student at The Ohio State University; he works to put himself through. He is studying criminology with the hopes of getting into law enforcement as a career. A disorderly conduct charge would significantly hurt his chances of being able to do that.

It was under these circumstances that the Columbus Criminal Defense team was retained to represent him on the case. Attorney Dan Sabol represented the young man at court. Sometimes, there are no evidentiary issues to argue about and this was one of those cases. Instead, attorney Sabol sought to stress all of the other positive things about this young man and how this one evening could significantly impact and alter his future. The prosecutor listened to attorney Sabol’s mitigation and ultimately agreed to dismiss the case for our client’s payment of court costs.

The dismissal and sealing of his record will remove this case entirely from his criminal background. He will be able to apply for law enforcement positions confidently, knowing that this will not stop him from ultimately getting a job in the future.

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