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Passing Bad Checks Charges Dismissed

Our client had moved out of state and during that time she was charged with passing bad checks in Franklin County Municipal Court. She never received the notice to appear, missed her arraignment court date and a warrant was issued for her arrest. Her license was also suspended for missing court. When going to renew her license in another state, she was made aware that it had been suspended due to the case in Franklin County.

As soon as she found out, she began looking for a way to get help. She called attorney Ben Luftman and he was able to explain a game plan to get the warrant set aside, remove the BMV warrant block from her license and ultimately to try and wipe away the charges. After discussing her options, the Columbus Criminal Defense team was retained to represent her on the case. Attorney Luftman was able to get both the warrant set aside at court and the BMV warrant block removed from her license. Attorney Dan Sabol then represented her at her future court dates. Ultimately, attorney Sabol was able to negotiate the dismissal of her case for her payment of court costs.

This dismissal of her charges, as well as the subsequent expungement or sealing of her record, will permanently remove the charges from her criminal history and allow her to move forward without any type of permanent criminal record.

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