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Prison Avoided on Felony Drug Trafficking and Drug Possession Charges

A young man put himself in an extremely difficult position recently when he decided to transport a brick of marijuana from a house the cops were watching for suspected drug activity. After leaving the house, the car was stopped and the backpack the young man was transporting was searched. After finding a brick of marijuana, the young man was charged with third-degree felony drug trafficking and third-degree felony marijuana possession. His case was indicted and scheduled for arraignment in Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

The young man had sole custody of his two children and a job in the insurance business. His attempt to try and make extra money had failed miserably, and if convicted he was looking at a presumption of prison. He was clearly concerned about what was going to happen with his drug trafficking and marijuana possession charges. After speaking with a number of attorneys, the young man decided to put his future in the hands of the Columbus Criminal Defense team.

Attorney Ben Luftman and attorney Dan Sabol represented our client on his case. After nearly a year of attending multiple court dates, reviewing the evidence and negotiating with the prosecutor, attorney Luftman ultimately ended up negotiating the reduction of the marijuana possession charge to a lesser fifth-degree felony charge, and the dismissal of the drug trafficking charge. Additionally, attorney Luftman got the prosecutor to jointly recommend probation instead of prison or jail time. Our client’s goals were met and he resolved his case. The judge accepted the joint recommendation and sentenced the young man to no fines or costs and probation.

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