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Prison Avoided on Multiple Felony Pandering Charges

A retiree, who had served his country and Franklin County during his career found himself in a truly terrifying situation. Through an unusual set of circumstances, he found himself addicted to internet pornography. The addiction worsened and to satisfy his worsening addiction, he ultimately ended up downloading child pornography. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department began investigating and ultimately came to the retiree’s home to confiscate his computer. After interviewing the man, he was arrested and charged with pandering material involving a nude minor.

After the forensics were completed on his computer, the gentleman was then indicted on 11 pandering charges in Franklin County Common Pleas Court.  The pandering charges were both fourth degree and second degree felonies. This was an incredibly serious situation. If convicted of any of the second degree felony charges, the retiree who had never been charged with more than a speeding ticket, could be sent off to prison for 2 to 8 years.

The retiree reached out to attorney Ben Luftman. He then came to the office to meet, and after meeting hired the Columbus Criminal Defense team to try and spare him from prison. Attorney Luftman and attorney Dan Sabol represented our client thereafter on the pandering charges.

Ultimately, attorney Sabol was able to negotiate the dismissal of 10 of the 11 pandering charges. After pleading guilty to the remaining pandering charge, attorney Sabol was able to convince the judge to impose community control (probation) instead of sending the man to jail or prison. Our client was understandably relieved and grateful.

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