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Student Avoids Mandatory Jail Time on OVI / DUI Charge

A young Ohio State student in her early twenties was pulled over for speeding by a Columbus Police Department officer. The officer approached her vehicle and smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage. He asked her if she had been drinking and she admitted she had. He then asked her to exit the vehicle to perform the roadside field sobriety tests. She complied and was given three tests (an eye test, a walk and turn test and one leg stand test). After performing the tests, the young lady was arrested and charged with first offense OVI / DUI.

She was then transported to the Columbus Police Department and asked to submit to a breath test. She complied. The result of her test was above the .170 high test legal limit. She was then charged with an additional OVI / DUI high concentration offense. Her case was scheduled for arraignment in Franklin County Municipal Court.

This young student was facing a very serious situation. Is convicted, she was facing mandatory jail time and mandatory yellow plates on her vehicle. Neither of those options sounded remotely appealing. After thoroughly researching her options, the young lady turned to the Columbus Criminal Defense team for representation on the case.

Attorney Dan Sabol represented her on the case and first made sure that she had limited driving privileges so that she could continue driving to school and work. After reviewing all of the evidence, attorney Sabol made an argument that the prosecutor ultimately conceded and offered to dismiss the OVI / DUI high concentration charge. Our client accepted and the resolution allowed her to avoid the mandatory jail time and mandatory restricted plates on her car.

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