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Student’s Illegal Tobacco Distribution Charge Dismissed

To put himself through school, an Ohio State University student was working one of his two jobs at a local carryout. Sleep deprived between school and his two jobs, he was presented with an ID by a young man wanting to buy a pack of cigarettes. He incorrectly calculated the age and sold the pack. A few minutes later, the Columbus Police Department came to pay him a visit and notify him that he had sold to an underage person. He was then given a citation for illegal tobacco distribution and his case was scheduled in Franklin County Municipal Court.

Being a college student, the young man was understandably concerned about the impact a criminal conviction could have on his employment opportunities after graduation. These concerns were made quite clear during a consultation with attorney Ben Luftman.

Attorney Luftman represented the young man on the charge. Sometimes, there are no evidentiary issues to argue about. Attorney Luftman had to convince the prosecutor of the impact a conviction would have on his career and really to give the prosecutor a better sense of everything his client was doing to put himself through school. Fortunately, the prosecutor listened to the mitigating factors and was sympathetic. After completing a community service requirement, the prosecutor dismissed the charge for the young man’s payment of court costs.

This resolution allowed the young student to avoid any criminal conviction on his record and the subsequent expungement or sealing of the record will remove the charge from his background. Post-graduation, he will be able to apply for jobs with a clean history.

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