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Student’s Theft Charge Dismissed

A young student in his early twenties made a very unfortunate decision. While in Kohl’s, he decided to try and steal some items. Loss prevention stopped the young man before exiting the store and asked him to accompany them back to the office. While in the office, he was confronted about his attempt to steal and confessed. The items were recovered. He was then charged with theft.

Being charged with a theft at such a young age could have a potentially devastating impact in the young man’s ability to get a job after completing school. A conviction would turn up on any background check. A theft conviction is a red flag and would mark this young man as untrustworthy.

Realizing how serious the situation was, his mother contacted the Columbus Criminal Defense team for help. Attorney Dan Sabol represented the young man at court and was able to negotiate the dismissal of his case.

The result and subsequent expungement or sealing of his record will give our client a clean slate. He will be able to move on from what could have been a life-altering moment and continue his studies knowing that his theft charge has been wiped away.

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