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Teacher’s OVI / DUI Breath Test Reduced to Reckless Operation

A teacher found himself in a very difficult position. Having gone out and had a few too many drinks, our client made the unfortunate decision to try and drive himself home. Unfortunately, a tail light was out on his car.

He was stopped by two Columbus Police Department Officers. After conversation, he was asked to get out of the car and do some roadside field sobriety tests. He complied. He was then arrested for OVI / DUI and taken back to the Columbus Police Department and take a breath test. He complied. His result was well of the .08 legal limit. Our client was then additionally charged with OVI / DUI per se.

OVI / DUI attorney Dan Sabol represented the client. Attorney Sabol diligently went through all of the discovery, including the police reports, DVD and all of the breath test records. Through six court dates, Attorney Sabol continued to hammer away at the state’s evidence.

The multiple court dates and continued negotiation paid off for our client, as the prosecutor ultimately offered a plea to a reduced, non-alcohol related Reckless Operation charge. The reduced charge will no doubt help our client with licensure and job-related questions in the future.

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