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Theft Charge Dismissed

A young lady in her thirties was shopping at a central Ohio Meijer store and made an unfortunate and impulsive decision. She decided to try and conceal some items. She was stopped before making it to the exit. She was asked to go to the loss prevention office. She was confronted about the items and confessed to trying to take them. She was charged with theft and then released. Her case was scheduled in Franklin County Municipal Court.

This woman was beside herself. She had never been charged with a criminal offense in her life. She now found herself in a situation where she could be facing jail time. Additionally, a theft conviction could stay on her criminal background for the rest of her life and make it next to impossible to get a good job. In her state of panic, she reached out to the Columbus Criminal Defense team to assist her with her case.

Attorney Dan Sabol represented her on the case. Having a full understanding of exactly who this woman is, aside from this unfortunate incident was crucial. When representing clients, we always ask that they email or send a detailed summary of the events as well as biographical information. The reason we do this is so that we can make an argument of why a prosecutor should reduce or dismiss a charge when we do not have evidentiary issues to work with. That was the case on this client’s charge. Attorney Sabol was ultimately able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the theft charge based on the fact that this was a highly out of character act from an otherwise outstanding person.

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