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Underage Alcohol Possession Against College Student Dismissed

An out of state college student traveled to Columbus to go to a concert. Prior to the concert, she was in the parking lot drinking with her friends. Unfortunately, she was under 21 and should not have been drinking anywhere, let alone in a parking lot with law enforcement patrolling. A law enforcement officer spotted the young lady and asked her to produce identification. Being under 21, she was then charged with underage possession of alcohol.

There were many concerns for this young college student. The underage possession charge is a criminal offense. If convicted, it would remain on her record. It is also an alcohol related offense. Neither of these looks good to potential employers. Additionally, she lives in another state and traveling back and forth to multiple court dates would be difficult.

She did her research about her options and called Luftman, Heck & Associates to help her with the situation. Attorney Dan Sabol represented her on the case. Given her location, he was able to request permission from the court to attend on her behalf over multiple court dates without her having to be present. Ultimately, attorney Sabol was able to negotiate the dismissal of her underage alcohol case for her payment of court costs.

After the case was over, attorney Sabol filed an application for the court to expunge, or seal the record of her case. The court granted attorney Sabol’s request. The end result is that our client’s mistake is now in her past. She can move on with her life, knowing that she has a clean slate, but also learning an important lesson that she should not drink until she’s of age.

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