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Woman Reduces Jail Time for Multiple Charges and a Probation Violation

Not long ago, the Columbus criminal defense attorneys with Luftman, Heck & Associates assisted a young woman when multiple criminal charges put her in severe legal trouble. Apparently, this woman was on probation for a previous theft offense when she was charged yet again with a theft-related charge. This serious probation violation, which could result in up to 160 days in jail were further complicated because, during this period, the woman was also cited for driving with a suspended driver’s license. Based on the dire nature of her circumstances and her strong desire to avoid such a lengthy jail sentence, the woman knew that she would need very strong and experienced legal representation.

After consulting with his client, attorney Joe Kunkel took the woman’s case and immediately set to work. First, attorney Kunkel used a wealth of knowledge regarding the Ohio traffic code and arraigned for this woman to have her license fully reinstated prior to her appearance in court. By presenting a valid driver’s license, the driving under suspension offense was dismissed. Subsequently, attorney Kunkel discussed the new theft charge and probation violation with the prosecution and after extensive negotiations, it became apparent that his client was only with the person who committed the recent theft. As a result, all the parties involved agreed to amend the new offense to a more appropriate charge of complicity to theft, which was resolved through the payment of court costs and a fine. Additionally, the client agreed to participate in a mental health evaluation as well as a theft diversion class and in the end, was only sentenced to a manageable 10-day sentence to resolve the probation violation. Under her attorney’s skillful representation, this client was very pleased to reduce the impact of these multiple charges and radically decreased the time she needed to spend behind bars, which was a massive win, based on the original circumstances.

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