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When you are facing an OVI (DUI) or criminal charge, a misdemeanor or
felony offense, the right experience matters.

Located in Central Ohio!The time is at hand to make the critical decision of hiring the right attorney. You likely want an attorney to represent you who has previous experience dealing with the same charge you are currently facing.

The Columbus Criminal defense team, consisting of attorneys Ben Luftman, Dan Sabol and Chase Mallory has successfully represented thousands of clients on charges ranging from Aggravated Murder to Open Container. No matter what offense you are charged with, we have likely represented someone in your shoes before and that previous experience will better help us represent you.

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Who we are and what we believe

When a person is facing any type of charge, OVI / DUI or criminal, misdemeanor or felony they may go through a range of emotions. Angry at their newfound position, disappointed at a potential lapse in judgment, scared at what consequences (court, school, employment) lay ahead and confused about what direction to turn.

At this time, a critical decision needs to be made. What attorney a person hires can make an incredible difference in everything that happens to them from the beginning to the end of their case. These differences can truly be life changing.

Through our experience, the Columbus Criminal defense team, consisting of attorneys Ben Luftman, Dan Sabol and Chase Mallory believe there are a number of factors a person must consider when making such a critical decision. Those factors also represent our core beliefs with respect to each and every client we represent. It is how we define ourselves and how we are different from the rest.

Communication is critical. If you have a question, you should be able ask it directly to your attorney. All of the Columbus Criminal defense team clients have our cell phone numbers. We believe in being accessible. We pride ourselves on it. If you have a question, you can reach us directly without having to go through an assistant.

Information eases the mind. It’s the not knowing that’s the hardest part. Every client is provided a copy of all of the police reports, DVD and any other evidence received on their case. You are a critical part of your case. Your input helps shape your case strategy. You should want to be involved.

You are the boss. The Columbus Criminal defense team has not and never will pressure a client to do anything they are not comfortable with. Our belief is that we are hired to review all of the evidence, find the evidentiary weaknesses and negotiate the best possible deal for our client to consider. After consideration, if you want to have a trial, a trial will be had.

Our tireless dedication to our clients and the practice of criminal defense without compromising our core beliefs has earned us consistent praise from organizations such as the Columbus Bar Association, Super Lawyers Publication, Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Martindale Hubbell, Avvo and the Better Business Bureau.

The legal process and penalties

Learn the Legal Process!Learn the Legal Process!

Ohio Felony Sentencing

Degree Prison Time Maximum Fine
First Degree 3-11 Years $20,000
Second Degree 2-8 Years $10,000
Third Degree

9-36 Months
12-60 months*

Fourth Degree 6-18 Months $5,000
Fifth Degree 6-12 Months $2,500

* depending on type of third degree felony charge

Ohio Misdemeanor Sentencing

Degree Jail Time Maximum Fine
First Degree Up to 180 days $1,000
Second Degree Up to 90 days $750
Third Degree Up to 60 days $500
Fourth Degree Up to 30 days $250
Minor Misdemeanor None $150

Meet Our Attorneys

Benjamin L. LuftmanBenjamin L. Luftman
An experienced and accomplished legal advocate, Benjamin L. Luftman is a founding partner at Luftman, Heck & Associates and has practiced law for nine years. His sole practice areas are in criminal defense and traffic violations, having represented clients in cases ranging from the most serious felonies to minor traffic offenses, with a particular concentration in the area of OVI / DUI law.
Chase A. MalloryChase A. Mallory
A native of Pickerington, Ohio, Attorney Chase Mallory has always felt a strong pull toward the legal profession. Upon joining the law firm of Luftman, Heck & and Associates, Mr. Mallory has practiced exclusively in the areas of criminal and traffic law, with an emphasis on OVI / DUI and traffic defense. Mr. Mallory enjoys litigating cases and is always willing to conduct a motion hearing or trial.
Daniel J. SabolDaniel J. Sabol
Upon joining the Columbus Criminal Defense team, Mr. Sabol has practiced exclusively criminal and traffic law, with an emphasis on OVI / DUI defense, drug offenses, theft, crimes of violence, and any cases involving search and seizure issues. Mr. Sabol has practiced in 23 counties around the state, dealing with charges ranging from speeding to aggravated murder.
Joseph J. KunkelJoseph J. Kunkel
Experienced in everything from researching and writing judicial opinions to working in the courtroom representing indigent defendants. Mr. Kunkel looks forward to litigating on behalf of all of his clients as a member of the team at Luftman, Heck & Associates.

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