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Columbus criminal defense attorneys Ben Luftman, Dan Sabol, Chase Mallory, and Joseph Kunkel have successfully represented thousands of clients on charges. No matter what offense you are charged with, we have likely represented someone in your shoes before and that previous experience will better help us represent you.

An experienced and accomplished legal advocate, Benjamin L. Luftman is a founding partner at Luftman, Heck & Associates and has practiced law for eleven years. His sole practice areas are in criminal defense and traffic violations, having represented clients in cases ranging from the most serious felonies to minor traffic offenses, with a particular concentration in the area of OVI / DUI law.

In every case he takes on, Benjamin never hesitates to devote himself fully to his clients, and his dedication and attention to detail have helped to grow Luftman, Heck & Associates from a fledging firm into the accomplished one it is today. As an example, all of Benjamin’s clients have his cell phone number and can reach him directly with a question or concern.

When not in court, Benjamin regularly speaks about OVI / DUI law at Certified Driver Intervention programs throughout central Ohio. There he’ll talk about topics like which breathalyzer machines are most accurate, what to expect with standardized field sobriety tests and the proper procedure to follow if you find yourself pulled over for driving over the limit.

Benjamin has also been certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for completing the same training required by police officers to conduct the roadside standardized field sobriety tests.

Chase A. Mallory sought his own path in the legal profession, Mr. Mallory attended the Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida. While in law school, his interest in the area of criminal defense grew stronger and he gained experience in criminal defense as a law clerk for Amendolara & Rafidi, LLC. Upon graduation, Mr. Mallory passed the Florida Bar Exam.

Ultimately, the desire to be closer to his family brought Mr. Mallory back to Ohio. He passed the Ohio Bar Exam and joined the litigation group of the Columbus based firm, Maguire & Schneider, where he gained experience in both commercial litigation and criminal defense matters ranging from high profile white collar cases to OVI / DUIs and traffic violations.

Upon joining the law firm of Luftman, Heck & and Associates (LHA), Mr. Mallory has practiced exclusively in the areas of criminal and traffic law, with an emphasis on OVI / DUI and traffic defense.

Chase enjoys litigating cases. He is always willing to conduct a motion hearing or trial. He has had many OVI / DUIs dismissed entirely for clients after successfully winning contested suppression hearings. He has received several not guilty verdicts from judges and juries in cases ranging from minor misdemeanor traffic offenses to serious criminal offenses. Mr. Mallory has also had a numerous cases dismissed on Rule 29 motions during trial.

Daniel J. Sabol is a senior associate at Luftman, Heck & Associates, and heads the firm’s criminal and traffic departments.  Daniel began his legal career with the Franklin County Public Defender, where he quickly earned a reputation as an aggressive defense attorney by trying more cases in Franklin County Municipal Court than most—if not all—other criminal defense attorneys.  While often dealing with difficult cases, Daniel won the majority of his cases, and has added to that winning record with the trials he has had since joining Luftman, Heck & Associates (LHA). Daniel has exclusively practiced criminal and traffic law, with an emphasis on OVI / DUI defense, drug offenses, theft, crimes of violence, and any cases involving search and seizure issues.

He has practiced in over 25 counties throughout Ohio, representing clients charged with offenses ranging from speeding to aggravated murder. While at LHA, Mr. Sabol has successfully litigated numerous motion hearings and trials, which have resulted in acquittals, favorable plea bargains, dismissals, and appellate rulings that attorneys throughout the state rely upon. Perhaps the greatest testament to Mr. Sabol’s ability is that he has been asked by prosecutors to represent their friends and family when in need.

Daniel is known throughout Ohio for his work in the area of OVI / DUI defense. He is often asked for advice from attorneys around the state, and he is a frequent speaker at OVI / DUI legal seminars attended by defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges. He was one of the first attorneys in Ohio to cross-examine a representative from the Ohio Department of Health on the new Intoxilyzer 8000 breath test machine. Daniel was also one of the first attorneys in Ohio to successfully have an Intoxilyzer 8000 breath test result suppressed by a judge in a contested motion hearing. He is certified in the administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST’s).

Associate attorney Joe Kunkel focuses on criminal and traffic law at Luftman, Heck & Associates. He joined the firm in June 2013 after gaining experience as an associate attorney at Burkett & Sanderson, LLC, in Newark, Ohio, and as a law clerk at Shaw & Miller in Columbus, Ohio.

After graduating from McDonald High School near Youngstown, Ohio, Joe completed his undergraduate studies at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. While at OU, he was a Pre-Law, Political Science major, as well as a member of the varsity men’s Track and Cross Country teams. After earning his bachelor’s degree he moved on to law school at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio.

At ONU, Joe earned a certificate of achievement in the field of criminal law and received first place in the Burke E. Smith mock trial competition. While in law school he completed judicial externships in Van Wert and Franklin Counties, as well as public defender internships at the municipal and federal levels. Joe gained valuable experience at each of these stops doing everything from researching and writing judicial opinions to working in the courtroom representing indigent defendants.

For over a decade, the Columbus criminal defense attorneys with Luftman, Heck and Associates have successfully represented clients charged with criminal offenses from minor misdemeanors to first degree felonies. That extensive previous experience will enable us to better help you. Learn more about the areas or practice we handle:

  • DUI – The Columbus DUI attorneys from Luftman, Heck and Associates are an experienced criminal defense team. They have helped thousands in the greater Columbus area overcome their OVI charge or other related drunk driving offense. Learn more how they can help you or your loved one today. Initial consultations are always free.
  • Driving Under Suspension – Caught driving under suspension in Ohio is a serious offense. It may be possible that you were issued a FRA suspension. Perhaps you violated Ohio OVI laws or other Ohio driving laws. Whatever the reason may be for having been caught driving with a revoked license, the experienced Columbus criminal defense attorneys with LHA can help you avoid severe penalties associated with the charge. They may even be able to help reinstate your license. Consultations are always free when you call today. Don’t delay.
  • Alcohol Related Crimes – Alcohol-related violence and other crimes involving alcohol may result in criminal charges. If you are a student attending Ohio State University or Columbus State Community College you may even be facing underage drinking charges. Rest assured a charge does not mean a conviction – and it does not have to become one. The Columbus criminal defense team at LHA can help explain laws on alcohol and the legal alcohol limit if you are facing related charges. Call today to learn more.
  • Drug Charges – When you or a loved one is facing drug possession charges or drug trafficking charges, trust an experienced drug attorney to help fight your charge. Drug crime laws in Ohio are intensive and complex, but the criminal defense attorneys at Luftman, Heck and Associates are patient and knowledgeable about the most intricate details of the law. Call today for a free consultation. Learn how they can help you.
  • Theft & Fraud Charges – From shoplifting charges to insurance fraud, the Columbus theft attorneys and fraud attorneys from LHA will protect your rights in court.
  • Domestic Violence & Assault Charges – For over a decade, the Ohio domestic violence and assault attorneys have successfully represented numerous people facing unjustified domestic violence or assault charges. You can trust the Columbus criminal defense team with Luftmna, Heck and Associates to look out for your best interest. Call for a free consultation and learn how they can help you today.
  • Offenses Against Justice Officers – The Columbus offenses against justice attorneys with Luftman, Heck and Associates have successfully represented clients charged with crimes against peace officers. That extensive previous experience will enable us to better help you.
  • Offenses Against Public Administration – If you are convicted of a crime against a peace officer, it will potentially be on your criminal background for the rest of your life. No matter what the circumstances were in your case, you run the risk of being considered someone who is unable to respect those who enforce the law in the State of Ohio. However, the Columbus criminal defense team from LHA will protect your rights in court and be on the lookout for your best interest every step of the way. Call today for a free consultation to learn how they can help you.
  • Weapons & Firearm Charges – Gun possession charges in Ohio and other acts of unlawful criminal possession carry serious charges, especially if you are a convicted felon in possession. Gun laws are extraordinarily complex in Ohio and illegally carrying a concealed weapon — or CCW — is a serious charge in Ohio. Regardless of what permit you may be carrying, you could still be facing charges. Learn how the Ohio weapons lawyers with Luftman, Heck and Associates can help you. Free consultations are available when you call today.
  • Robbery, Burglary, and Trespassing – When people think of robbery, they may be reminded of bank robberies. However, anyone can be charged with robbery for simply carrying a deadly weapon or threatening the use of force. Burglary, which is a different crime than robbery (though the two typically go hand-in-hand when multiple charges are dealt) may also carry trespassing charges. The Columbus criminal defense team with Luftman, Heck and Associates are skilled attorneys. They have over a decade of experience protecting clients from related charges and they will be willing to help you. Call today to learn more. Initial consultations are always free.
  • Sex Crimes – Sex crime charges can range from statutory rape to failing to register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law. In Ohio, a rape conviction or other sex crime offense can be a frightening ordeal. The consequences can be a lifelong ordeal and our Columbus criminal defense team fully understands the impact that a sex crime conviction can carry. When you are facing charges, don’t delay in calling the experience Ohio sex crime lawyers from LHA today. Initial, free consultations will always be made available to you.
  • Arson, Vandalism, and Criminal Damaging – Perhaps you acted recklessly and caused property damage in Ohio. What may have seemed like a careless act can have devastating consequences. If you are convicted of arson, vandalism or criminal mischief, you run the risk of being considered someone who cannot respect the property of others. Therefore, it is critical that you to give your arson, vandalism or criminal mischief charge the level of importance it deserves.
  • Kidnapping & Abduction Charges – Kidnapping charges are severe. If you are convicted of kidnapping, abduction or unlawful restraint, it can potentially affect the rest of your life, but it doesn’t have to. When you call the Columubus criminal defense team with Luftman, Heck and Associates, they can help you better comprehend the situation you face and they can be your guide through the Ohio legal system. Call today to receive your free consultation.
  • Murder & Manslaughter Charges – The Columbus murder and manslaughter attorneys from LHA take an aggressive and comprehensive approach when representing clients charged murder, manslaughter or homicide. Based on the legal weaknesses in the State of Ohio’s case and any other mitigating factors, we will negotiate the best possible plea available with the prosecutor for you to consider in resolving your case.
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