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In this blog, we publish articles and stories we believe people will find useful in the areas of criminal defense and justice, OVI / DUI and other issues we think our visitors will find useful. If you have any tips or topics you would like us to write about, please feel free to suggest article topics by email us at

close up of dictionary definition of expunge February 21st, 2023

How To Expunge Your Record in Ohio

Categories: Expungement

Sometimes mistakes are easy to fix. But there are other times when it takes a formal process to move past something. For example, when you want to expunge a criminal record in Ohio. Under Ohio law, there is a process to expunge and seal criminal…

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wooden gavel sitting on book January 26th, 2023

How to Apply for a Pardon in Ohio

Categories: Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

The Ohio Constitution vests the power to pardon in the Governor, who may grant pardons for any criminal conviction except treason or impeachment. The Governor generally considers only the applications for pardon that are forwarded to him by the Ohio Board of Pardons, which is…

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