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Legal Limit for DUI in Ohio

In Ohio, you will be asked to submit to a chemical test for assessing your blood alcohol content (BAC) if you are arrested or charged with a DUI. The chemical test could be a breath test, a blood test, or an urine test. These tests measure the amount of alcohol and/or drugs in your system. If you test over the legal limit for DUI in Ohio – which is 0.08 – you will be charged with OVI per se. If you test over 0.17 BAC, this is called the high test limit and you may be subject to additional mandatory minimum penalties for your DUI charge. You may want to seek a Columbus DUI attorney if you have been charged with an OVI, regardless of the BAC.

Please review the charts below for more information on whether your chemical test is above the legal limit. Questions about your specific case? Call or text us to set up a free consultation of your DUI. We know this is a confusing process and the Columbus DUI attorneys with Luftman, Heck and Associates will are here for you.

BAC Levels in Ohio

Alcohol Level Whole Blood Blood Serum or Plasma Breath Urine
Low Test ≥ .08%
< .17%
≥ .096%
< .204%
≥ .08g
< .17g
≥ .11g
< .238g
High Test ≥ .17% ≥ .204% ≥ .17g ≥ .238g

Underage BAC Levels

Whole Blood Blood Serum
or Plasma
Breath Urine
≥ .02%
< .08%
≥ .03%
< .096%
≥ .02g
< .08g
≥ .028g
< .11g

Impaired Driving Involving Drugs

Controlled Substance Urine Whole Blood,
Blood Serum or Plasma
Amphetamine ≥ 500ng ≥ 100ng
Cocaine ≥ 150ng ≥ 50ng
Cocaine Metabolite ≥ 150ng ≥ 50ng
Heroin ≥ 2000ng ≥ 50ng
Heroin Metabolite ≥ 10ng ≥ 10ng
LSD ≥ 25ng ≥ 10ng
Marijuana ≥ 10ng ≥ 2ng
Marijuana Metabolite
and under the influence
≥ 15ng ≥ 5ng
Marijuana Metabolite  ≥ 35ng  ≥ 50ng
Methamphetamine ≥ 500ng  ≥ 100ng

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If you have been charged with an DUI in Ohio, your legal rights and your future may be at stake. With jail time, fines, and suspended driving privileges as some of the potential penalties, you might not know where to turn. The Columbus DUI attorneys at Luftman, Heck & Associates have handled hundreds of DUI cases each year with successful outcomes and mitigated penalties. Contact us today for a free legal consultation of your options – call or email

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