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If you are facing federal charges, you need to put up an excellent defense or you risk being sent to federal prison, potentially far from your family. An experienced Columbus federal defense lawyer is your best chance at getting the optimal outcome for your case, no matter which federal crimes you are accused of violating.

Under U.S. federal law, there are thousands of violations that you can be arrested for. While most crimes committed in Ohio will be charged in state courts, certain crimes involving interstate commerce or violating specific federal statutes can lead to federal charges. This may seem like more or less the same situation you would be in if charged for violating Ohio law, but unfortunately, federal crimes can be much more serious than state crimes.

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Federal Vs. State Crimes in Ohio

Most crimes you can be arrested for in Ohio will be tried as state crimes. However, some crimes will be considered federal crimes—a situation that is far more serious. Most crimes fall under a single jurisdiction. If you violate an Ohio law in the state, such as through a crime like assault, you will only face Ohio courts. If you violate a federal law, such as through a crime like tax evasion, you face federal court.

Of course, sometimes crimes fall under both sets of laws. For example, selling illegal drugs is both against the Ohio criminal code and against the federal Controlled Substances Act. Hypothetically, in these cases, you could be charged either federally or in Ohio courts, so where the charges are handed down depends on several factors:

  • Were state lines crossed? If illegal activity takes place in multiple jurisdictions, you’ll most likely be charged in federal court.
  • Were federal agents involved in the arrest or investigation? If you were arrested by federal law enforcement, you can be tried in a federal court.
  • Is your crime related to a large criminal operation? If the case involves a large criminal enterprise—even slightly— you can face federal charges.

Otherwise, you most likely will be charged in Ohio courts.

Common Federal Crimes

There are many federal crimes that you can face charges for. The following are some of the most common:

  • Conspiracy: Federal conspiracy charges are handed down when two or more people contribute to a crime. Even if you are only slightly involved, you can face penalties under conspiracy charges that are just as bad as carrying out the main crime. Federal drug conspiracy charges are among the most common.
  • Drug Offenses: Under the Controlled Substances Act, almost all drug crimes, ranging from possession and simple sales to trafficking, are federal crimes.
  • White Collar Crimes: White collar crimes such as embezzlement, money laundering, identity theft, and forgery can all be charged as federal crimes.
  • Tax Evasion or Fraud: If you don’t pay taxes or lie on your taxes to owe less, you can be charged with federal tax crimes.
  • Public Corruption: Bribery and other corrupt acts by public figures can lead to federal charges.
  • Internet Sex Crimes: Federal agents are cracking down on internet sex crimes such as child pornography, prostitution, and human trafficking.
  • Gun Violations: Using a gun in carrying out a federal crime, as well as illegal sales or possession of firearms can lead to federal gun charges.

Federal Sentencing

Federal crimes are taken seriously—even misdemeanors. If you are charged with a federal crime, you are unlikely to get leniency from the judge without an excellent federal defense. That’s why it’s no surprise that federal sentencing guidelines can be some of the harshest, and federal crimes can carry much longer sentences than their Ohio state counterparts. For example, the maximum sentence for selling cocaine in Ohio courts is a fine of up to $20,000 and 11 years in prison, while the maximum federal sentence is a fine of up to $10 million and life in federal prison.

If you are accused of any federal crime, you need to take the charges seriously. With harsh federal sentences, you can face up to millions of dollars in fines and decades in federal prison. Although federal judges do not have to stick to the sentencing guidelines, they usually do, which means that you are facing a very harsh punishment.

How Columbus Federal Attorneys from Luftman, Heck & Associates Can Help

It’s natural to feel stressed and worried about federal charges, because the stakes are high. The best way to get some peace of mind—and the best possible outcome for your case— is to contact an experienced Columbus federal defense lawyer and discuss the specifics of your unique case. We have provided some helpful federal crimes information in the links to the right for your use in the meantime.

At Luftman, Heck & Associates, our Columbus federal defense attorneys have extensive experience representing clients on a wide range of charges at the federal level, especially drug offenses and conspiracy charges. Federal crimes require a specific skill set beyond what is required for local Columbus cases. With ten years of federal litigation experience under our belt, we have it.

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For over a decade, the Columbus criminal defense lawyers at LHA have successfully represented clients on criminal offenses ranging from minor misdemeanors to first-degree felonies. That extensive previous experience will enable us to better help you.

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