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Third DUI in Ohio

If you are arrested and charged with either a 1) third OVI / DUI impaired or low test (.08-.17) offense or a 2) third OVI / DUI refusal or high test (greater than .17) offense in 10 years (10 years is counted from the date of your prior OVI / DUI convictions to the date of your current OVI / DUI charge), the initial BMV penalties and penalties upon conviction are much harsher than a first or second offense OVI.

If the car you were driving is titled to you, you will be unable to get it out of impound without an entry signed by a judge. Unless there is an error with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles Form 2255, you will be required to relocate and immobilize your vehicle for a minimum of 90 days. This means you will have to pay for your car to be towed from the impound lot to your house. A law enforcement officer will then come out and put a club on your car. Generally, cars may not be clubbed at apartment complexes.

If you are convicted of a third offense OVI / DUI in 10 years and the vehicle you were driving is titled to you, you may be required to forfeit your vehicle to the state.

A judge may grant you limited driving privileges. You will not be eligible for limited driving privileges for 180 days from the date of the offense. Your driving privileges will be limited to work, school and medical appointments. If you are granted limited driving privileges, you will have to drive another car during the 90 day immobilization period.

Consequences for Conviction of Third DUI in Ohio

If you are convicted of either a third offense impaired or low test OVI / DUI or a third offense refusal or high test OVI / DUI in 10 years, the mandatory minimum penalties are substantial. You will be sentenced to 30-60 days consecutive in jail. Alternatively, if there is a finding that the jail is overcrowded, you may be sentenced to 15-30 days in jail and 55-110 days of electronic home monitoring. The maximum sentence on a third offense OVI / DUI in 10 years is one year in jail.

Additional penalties include a mandatory minimum $850 fine. Your license will be suspended a minimum of two years and up to ten years. If you are granted driving privileges during your judicial suspension, you will be required to have an interlock breath device installed in your car and restricted (party) plates as well. Lastly, an alcohol and/or drug addiction program is mandatory.

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