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Columbus Drug Defense Lawyers

In Ohio, drug offenses generally consist of possession, paraphernalia or trafficking. Drug offenses can range in degree from a minor misdemeanor, which is punishable by only a fine to a first degree felony carrying mandatory prison time. The degree of offense and potential penalties are generally based on the type of drug and amount.

If you are facing any type of drug charge, there are a number of immediate concerns you should have. If you are convicted of any drug offense, regardless of whether you were driving a vehicle at the time at the time you were charged, your license could be suspended. If you are in college, a drug conviction will disqualify your from receiving any future federal financial aid. A drug conviction can also cause you tremendous difficulty in maintaining your current job or finding a good job the future.

For nearly ten years, the Columbus criminal lawyers at Luftman, Heck & Associates have applied their extensive experience representing clients on a wide range of drug charges. From minor drug offenses such as possession of the smallest amount of marijuana to major narcotic cases that include complexities like undercover informants, wiretapping, and DEA and local authority major drug operations, our firm ensures that we achieve the best possible outcome for our client.

It is our mission as Columbus criminal lawyers to ensure you receive the fair trial that you deserve. We make certain that the entire process – from when charges are filed to how final outcomes are delivered – is done legally and adheres to your constitutional rights.

All of our clients’ cases receive a thorough examination as to how the evidence was obtained, and from there we continue to monitor the entire judicial process. There are many ways a case can be dismissed or charges and penalties lessened due to unconstitutional or improper actions by law enforcement, including:

  • Fourth Amendment violations;
  • Warrants issued without probable cause;
  • Wiretapping and other illegal surveillance;
  • Miranda Rights warnings omitted, abridged or defied by police and prosecutors;
  • Possession of “drug paraphernalia” as evidence of a crime;
  • Statements and evidence illegally obtained, or improperly allowed at trial; and
  • Findings delivered as a result of canine searches (drug-sniffing dogs).

Find Your Columbus Drug Offense Below

  • Possession of Drugs – Depending on the type of drug you were allegedly in possession of, you may face fines, jail or prison time, or more. The complexities of possession cases require a careful analysis of the evidence.
  • Possession of Marijuana – A frequent charge we see here in central Ohio, possession of marijuana may be common but should not be taken lightly. You can be charged with possession even if you are using it for medical purposes; however, we can help you with a defense.
  • Possession of Cocaine – Being charged with possessing even one gram of cocaine can result in months of prison time, thousands in fines, and even greater consequences for your future. Learn more about the penalties and possible defenses.
  • Possession of Methamphetamine – Possessing even the smallest amount of meth is considered a felony in the State of Ohio.
  • Possession of Fake / Counterfeit Drugs – While possession of fake drugs may not hold the same penalties as possession of actual controlled substances, a conviction does come with significant jail time, fines, and a mark on your permanent criminal record.
  • Corrupting with Drugs – The penalties you face depend on whether you were charged with corrupting an adult, corrupting a juvenile, and/or corrupting within the vicinity of school grounds. You may face mandatory prison time and thousands of dollars in fines if convicted.
  • Cultivation of Marijuana – In order to be convicted of cultivation of marijuana, the State of Ohio must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you knew that you were growing cannabis.
  • Illegal Manufacturing of Drugs – Growing marijuana or creating any element that can be used in producing a controlled substance can be charged under Ohio Revised Code 2925.04. If convicted, you face many penalties, including a possible driver’s license suspension.
  • Possession of Prescription Drugs – If you are found to be in possession of prescription drugs, you may face licensure issues for certain professions, potential disqualification for student financial aid, and more.
  • Illegal Possession of Chemicals – In 2002, a law was passed to prohibit the production of drugs or chemicals that are used to create controlled substances. This includes things like pseudoephedrine.
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – In Ohio, anything from needles to scales to spoons can be considered drug paraphernalia. Because of the circumstances around many of these items, it’s important that an experienced Columbus drug lawyer assess the evidence against you. Many times, we see clients’ rights violated during an arrest.
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