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Dublin DUI Lawyer

The legal consequences might seem daunting, but now is not the time to give into fear. Take a stand and get a Dublin DUI lawyer from Luftman, Heck & Associates for your best shot at turning the case in your favor. Our experienced team of Columbus DUI defense attorneys will be there for you through the whole case, examining every angle to get the outcome that makes the most sense in your life.

A DUI in Ohio is referred to as an OVI — or operating a vehicle under the influence. It’s a severe charge with a weighty impact that can have a ripple effect through your entire life, and the penalties magnify with each repeat offense. The charge could cost you thousands of dollars, you could be sentenced to prison, future landlords and employers might see it as a liability, your car insurance rates will likely jump up and you could lose custody of your child.

Northwest of Ohio, Interstate 270 and U.S. 33 intersect in the City of Dublin. The city hosts thousands of golfers each year that come through for the Memorial Tournament on the PGA Tour. Police officers keep a vigilant eye out for any cars that are moving that show signs of driving erratically. In Delaware County alone, the Ohio State Highway Patrol made over 11,00 traffic stops in during 2014, according to statistics from its website. If you’re showing any signs of impairment when you get pulled over, be prepared to be asked to perform a field sobriety test and possibly be charged with a DUI / OVI.

What to Expect from a Dublin DUI Lawyer

The criminal defense team at Luftman, Heck & Associates knows how fragile you might feel after being charged with a DUI / OVI, and they will approach your case with the compassion you need to rebuild your strength. For nearly 10 years, Ben Luftman, Dan Sabol, Chase Mallory, and Joe Kunkel have been tirelessly defending the rights of those charged with an OVI every single day. They’ve been victorious in the courts for hundreds of client, whether that means having charges reduced, or, in some recent cases, having a case dismissed entirely.

If you’re facing an OVI, you’re probably wondering, “Where can I find a DUI defense lawyer near me?” Look no further than Luftman Heck & Associates. Our attorneys have managed to reduce the charges for some clients, avoid jail time for others and, sometimes, get the case dismissed entirely.

Your First Dublin DUI / OVI Offense

An OVI is not a conviction to be taken lightly, and if the prosecution comes at you full force, the punishments will be heavy. Even first-time offenders can face a fine of over $1,000, six months in jail and a three-year license suspension, according to chapter 4511.19 of the Ohio revised Code.

You’re case will probably be sent to the Dublin Mayor’s Court, where we will inspect the evidence against you and decide what plea to enter. With our team, you likely won’t have to even make an appearance at your arraignment. If we think you have a chance for a better outcome by going to trial, we might transfer your case to Franklin County Municipal Court, where the team has defended thousands of clients.

How a Dublin DUI Lawyer Can Help

The Columbus attorneys from Luftman, Heck & Associates know the courts around you like the backs of their hands. Our DUI defense lawyers have spent almost 10 years building experience with the prosecution in each municipality. The law can be a complicated web that ensnares you, but our lawyers know how to navigate the system and get your case the best results possible.

Now is the time to fight back. Get an experienced Dublin DUI lawyer and use every tool available to you to change the outcome of your case the best you can for you. The team at Luftman, Heck & Associates knows the courts, they know the prosecution and the know how to give you the legal representation to get the best results possible from your case.

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With the help of an experienced, competent Dublin DUI lawyer, you can be assured of understanding all of your legal rights and options and know that your rights will be protected. The criminal defense team at Luftman, Heck, and Associates protects the rights of people charged with an OVI / DUI on a daily basis. To contact us, either call at or email

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