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Central Ohio Court System

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Why was I assigned to this court?

If you’re not sure why you were assigned one court instead of the other—for instance, Franklin County Municipal Court instead of the Dublin Mayor’s Court, a few factors usually go into this decision.

The most important factor in determining where your case is scheduled is the county where you were charged. If you are charged in Franklin County, your case will never be assigned in Delaware County and vice versa.

Another factor in determining where your case is scheduled is which jurisdiction the police officer who arrested you is employed by. Keeping with the Dublin example, if a City of Dublin police officer arrests you in Dublin, your case would likely start at the Dublin Mayor’s Court. However, if a City of Columbus police officer, Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy or Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper arrests you; your case would be scheduled in Franklin County Municipal Court.

Ohio Felony vs. Misdemeanor Sentencing

Ohio divides criminal offenses into misdemeanors and felonies, based on the maximum potential punishments. These penalties are largely determined by its severity, your prior criminal history, and any other relevant factors.

Ohio Felony Sentencing

Degree Prison Time Maximum Fine
First Degree 3-11 Years $20,000
Second Degree 2-8 Years $10,000
Third Degree 9-36 Months
12-60 months*
Fourth Degree 6-18 Months $5,000
Fifth Degree 6-12 Months $2,500

* Depending on type of third degree felony charge

Ohio Misdemeanor Sentencing

Degree Jail Time Maximum Fine
First Degree Up to 180 days $1,000
Second Degree Up to 90 days $750
Third Degree Up to 60 days $500
Fourth Degree Up to 30 days $250
Minor Misdemeanor None $150

Common Pleas Courts only handle felony cases. In Ohio, an F5 is the least severe felony charge and an F1 is the most severe. The penalties (prison, fine etc.) increase by the degree of felony you are charged with.

Municipal Courts only handle misdemeanor cases. In Ohio, a minor misdemeanor is the least severe misdemeanor charge and a First Degree Misdemeanor is the most severe. The penalties (jail, fine etc.) increase by the degree of misdemeanor.

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