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Franklin County Jail in Columbus, Ohio

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The Franklin County jail has two locations: the Franklin County Corrections Center (FCCC) I and FCCC II. They are both located in Columbus, Ohio, and you or a loved one can be held at either facility. Continue reading to learn more.

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Franklin County Jail Locations

Franklin County Corrections Center I

This is considered the main location of the Franklin County jail, and it is located inside the Franklin County Government Center. It houses only male inmates.

370 S. Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

(614) 525-3368

Other important phone numbers include:


Medical Office(614) 525-3465

Social Services(614) 525-3903

Corrections Chaplain(614) 525-3394

Commissary Services(614) 525-7133

Food Services(614) 525-3325

Visitation(614) 525-3383

Identification Bureau(614) 525-3835

Franklin County Corrections Center II

FCCC II houses both male and female inmates and has a much greater capacity. If you contact FCCC I or II, you will speak with Franklin County jail prisoner information, not an inmate. If you wish to learn more about communicating with an inmate at the facility, you will need to call 1-800-483-8314. These services are provided by GTL.

2460 Jackson Pike
Columbus, Ohio 43223

(614) 525-7100

Other important phone numbers include:


Medical Office(614) 525-3465

Social Services(614) 525-3903

Corrections Chaplain(614) 525-3394

Commissary Services(614) 525-7133

Food Services(614) 525-3325

Visitation(614) 525-3383

Identification Bureau(614) 525-3835

Common Questions

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How Can I Find Out if Someone is in Franklin County Jail?

If you believe your friend or relative has been arrested in Franklin County, then you can check to see if they are listed as an inmate at FCCC I or II. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office provides an inmate information search feature. Keep in mind, if the arrest happened very recently, the information might not be up yet.

Can I Find Out Why Someone Is in Jail?

If a case has been filed against a person who is in custody at the Franklin County jail, you can find that information.

If the inmate was arrested for a misdemeanor or felony in Frankin County, you can search the FCMC Clerk records. You also can search the Franklin County Clerk of Court’s Case Information Online (CIO) for felonies filed in the Court of Common Pleas.

If you search in both places and cannot find a case for your friend or relative, the case may not be filed yet. Their case may also have originated in another state or county.

When Can I Visit an Inmate?

Both FCCC I and FCCC II allow inmate visitation on specific days based on the first letter of the inmate’s last name:

  • A-G – Sundays and Thursdays
  • H-O – Mondays and Fridays
  • P-Z – Tuesdays and Saturdays
  • Juveniles – Wednesdays

If you arrive at the jail to visit an inmate on the wrong day, you will be turned away.

What Are the Visiting Hours for Franklin County Jail?

Visiting hours are:

  • 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.
  • 6:00 – 9:30 p.m.

When you visit, you can bring up to two adults and three children. Adult inmates are allowed visitors for up to 15 minutes, and juveniles can spend up to 30 minutes with visitors.

Do not forget, you will need identification. For children who wish to visit an inmate, you can bring their birth certificate, state ID, or health insurance card.

Can I Post a Bond For an Inmate?

Whether or not you can help a friend or family be released from jail on bond depends on the circumstances. You should speak with a criminal defense attorney from Luftman, Heck & Associates first. Is the inmate facing a bail amount based on a pre-determined schedule, or is the amount based on the judge’s discretion? If the inmate was arrested for certain violent offenses, a defense lawyer can represent them and seek a fair and affordable amount for bail.

When the bail amount is set, a lawyer will explain the payment options. If it is a standard bail bond, also known as an appearance bond, then you may only need to pay a 10 percent deposit to the court. If the inmate is required to pay a cash bond, then they are required to pay the full amount for their release. For a surety bond, the inmate can utilize a private bail bondsman. You would pay a certain percentage of the bail and fees to the bondsman who would then post the funds for the inmate to be released.

Additionally, bail is not paid at the jail. Bond money is paid at the Franklin County Clerk of Courts:

345 S. High St., 1st Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

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We can represent your loved one at their arraignment and help them obtain their release from jail. Then, if prosecutors decide to pursue charges, we can concentrate on building them a strong defense.

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