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Driving Without a Valid Ohio Driver’s License in Columbus, Ohio

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In Ohio and throughout the United States, you are required to maintain a valid driver’s license to operate motor vehicles or motorcycles. A driver’s license ensures that you are aware of the laws and regulations around driving privileges and that you agree to observe them. It also provides a form of valid identification for employment, education, and other instances where photo identification is required.

You can be charged with operating a motor vehicle or motorcycle without a valid license under Ohio Revised Code 4510.12 (ORC 4510.12). This code section states that with few exceptions, no person shall operate a motor vehicle or motorcycle upon a public road, highway, public property, or private property used by the public for travel or parking unless he or she has a valid driver’s license.

The penalties you face if charged with driving without a valid license will depend on a few factors, including whether or not you have ever possessed a valid driver’s license and if you have had prior driving without a license offense on your record. Don’t hesitate to contact a Columbus traffic defense lawyer if you are ticketed for driving without a license. This offense does not carry any points.

Degree Jail/C.S.* Fines Class 7
Impound Plates
Never Licensed
RC 4510.12(C)(1)
1st Offense Anytime
0-500 hours C.S. $0-1000 No No No No
2nd+ Offense
M-1 0-180 days $0-1000 No No No No
Expired License
RC 4510.12(C)(2)
1st/2nd in 3 Years
MM No $0-1000 Optional No No No
3rd or More
in 3 Years
M-1 0-180 days $0-1000 Optional No No No

* C.S. denotes community service. If not specified, it refers to jail time.

Our Columbus Traffic Ticket Lawyers May Be Able to Help You Regain Driving Privileges

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