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The use of heroin and resulting dangers of overdose have become such a widespread problem in the United States that the term heroin epidemic is regularly used by news agencies, health organizations and governments. Ohio has been one of the states hardest hit by the surge in heroin use, as recent statistics have shown that Ohio averages 23 deaths from heroin each week. The rate of heroin deaths was enough to make Ohio second in the United States in drug overdose deaths in 2014, behind only California. The national focus on heroin use has even turned to Columbus, with two nationally televised reports in the last year illustrating how the heroin epidemic has impacted Middle America.

Generally drug crimes lead to state criminal charges, but the heroin epidemic has caused federal law enforcement to become more involved when the sale of deadly heroin is involved. One clear example of heroin distribution leading to federal heroin charges came in 2015 in Marion, Ohio.

In early 2015 Marion began seeing a rash of drug overdoses due to a particular type of heroin that was spiked with fentanyl and colored with blue dye. The so-called “blue drop heroin” lead to Marion seeing 56 heroin-related overdoses in less than 3 months, causing five deaths. Eventually, local, state and federal law enforcement combined to arrest the kingpin of the distribution of blue drop heroin in June 2015.

The arrest led to federal charges for distribution of heroin and the distribution of heroin and fentanyl leading to death. At the time the charges were filed, a representative of the United State Drug Enforcement Agency confirmed that the DEA is prioritizing criminal investigation in situations where the distribution of illegal drugs leads to overdose deaths. The blue drop heroin kingpin eventually pleaded guilty to one charge of drug trafficking that resulted in death and will face 16 years in prison.

How Ohio Federal Criminal Drug Lawyers from LHA Can Help

If you face federal charges for heroin distribution that has led to a death, you need to know that a United States Attorney for Ohio has said that the federal government will, “come after you with a hammer that is much bigger than anything you have seen before or expected.” In the face of severe penalties and aggressive prosecution, you need an experienced attorney who can defend you against serious federal charges.

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