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Ohio Teen Gets Decades in Prison for Stabbing Death of Her Daughter

Posted On: August 8th, 2018   |   Posted by: Luftman, Heck & Associates LLP
Hands Holding Onto the Bars of a Jail Cell

The teenager from Columbus who was charged with stabbing her infant daughter to death has received a sentence of 20 years in prison. LaChelle Anderson, an 18-year-old mother, pleaded guilty to counts of child endangering, felony assault, and involuntary manslaughter after her one-year-old daughter’s death. According to the prosecution, paramedics were dispatched to Anderson’s house after she placed an emergency call last September. When they arrived, they found that Anderson’s child was not moving, and was covered in blood. This led the paramedics to discover evidence of several stab wounds. The baby was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

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Anderson Ruled Competent to Stand Trial

According to unnamed psychologists, LaChelle Anderson is confirmed to have an anxiety disorder. This did not excuse her from having to face criminal charges. For several years, there has been debate as to whether certain medications can alter a person’s behavior. These debates are especially relevant when someone who takes antidepressants or other psychoactive drugs allegedly committed a criminal act. If you stop taking an antidepressant, you will likely act differently. Some think the withdrawal may cause enough mental turmoil to drive you to commit a criminal act. Some even think that taking a psychoactive medication is enough to alter your brain. This could lead to insanity-like behaviors that you normally wouldn’t undertake without medication.

As of now, medication is not an affirmative defense to a criminal act. The exception to this is possession. Certain anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications are legal to possess when prescribed, and are considered contraband if you do not retain a valid prescription. A Columbus

Understanding Anderson’s Sentence

While her anxiety disorder and medication did not render her incapable of facing trial, they may have influenced the sentence Anderson received. While 20 years in prison is no small consequence, it is somewhat less than the maximum sentence for each of the charges she pleaded guilty to. Between them, the counts of involuntary manslaughter, child endangering, and felony assault carry over 20 years in prison, and thousands of dollars in fines.

Anderson showed significant remorse for what occurred. During her trial, she said “no words will ever describe” how sorry she is for what happened. It is important to note that every case is unique. There is no telling how many factors influenced Anderson’s sentence, or how much weight each of those factors was given. Your criminal defense lawyer will have to go over your specific situation to determine what defenses may or may not apply to your case.

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A dedicated criminal defense lawyer is essential, no matter what sort of charges you’re facing. Anxiety medications are more prevalent than ever in today’s society, and the laws that govern their use are constantly evolving. If you’re in the Columbus area and need a skilled legal team to assist you, Luftman, Heck & Associates can help. Whether you’re facing drug charges, assault charges, or the possibility of a criminal investigation, our attorneys know what it takes to put together a strong defense. You don’t want to risk exorbitant fines or lengthy prison stays.

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