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Driver Intervention Programs in Columbus

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When you plead guilty or are convicted of a DUI in Ohio, you could be admitted to one of many driver intervention programs in lieu of going to jail. There are several reputable driver intervention programs in the Columbus area, and they are a highly favorable outcome for someone facing otherwise harsh DUI penalties.

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What is Driver Intervention?

Ohio’s Driver Intervention Program (DIP) is an alternative to the mandatory three-day jail term for first-time OWI offenders at the court’s discretion, allowing them to attend a 72-Hour residential program to educate individuals about the physical, psychological and social effects of alcohol and drug use. The program is designed to reduce the risk of future alcohol and drug abuse arrests and is certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OMHAS).

DIP Details

While the elements of the program can vary according to the administering organization, generally, the intervention program offers you time and a place to examine the thinking and behavioral patterns that led to your OVI arrest. Through introspection, lectures, and group discussions, individuals gain the insight necessary to make healthy choices in the future concerning alcohol and drug abuse.

Below is a list of available programs and their contact information.

Advanced Recovery Services Driver Intervention Program Location
Program Length: 72 Hours Quality Inn & Suites
Phone: (614) 918-3330 7500 Vantage Dr
Toll Free: (866) 675-4817 Worthington Ohio 43235
Fax: (614) 918-3329 Driving Directions
Christian Accountability Network Location
Program Length: 72 Hours Comfort Inns and Suites
Phone: (614) 439-5375 4870 Old Rathmell Court
Toll Free: (866) 690-1211 Columbus, OH 43207
Driving Directions
Crossroads Recovery Services Driver Intervention Program Location
Program Length: 72 Hours Days Inn
Phone: (614) 445-0352 1849 Stringtown Road
Fax: (614) 445-0121 Grove City, OH 43123
Driving Directions
Maryhaven Exploring Sober Alternatives M.E.S.A. DIP Location
Program Length: 72 Hours Holiday Inn
Phone: (614) 324-5478 (English & Español) 7007 N. High Street
Fax: (614) 324-5456 Worthington, OH 43214
Driving Directions
Mount Carmel Driver Intervention Program Location
Program Length: 72 Hours Fairfield Inn and Suites
Phone: (614) 337-7001 2826 Taylor Road SW
Fax: (614) 251-1542 Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
Driving Directions
Wellness Driver Intervention Program Columbus Location
Program Length: 72 Hours Clarion Hotel
Phone: (614) 791-8300 900 E Dublin-Granville Road
Fax: (614) 791-8726 Columbus, OH 43229
Driving Directions
Wellness Driver Intervention Program Dublin Location
Program Length: 72 Hours Marriot Courtyard
Phone: (614) 791-8300 5175 Post Rd.
Fax: (614) 791-8726 Dublin, OH 43017
Driving Directions
Wellness Driver Intervention Program Pickerington Location
Program Length: 72 Hours Best Western Executive Suites
Phone: (614) 791-8300 1899 Winderly Lane
Fax: (614) 791-8726 Pickerington, OH 43147
Driving Directions

The Benefits of Driver Intervention Programs?

The advantages of completing a driver intervention program are undeniable if you or a loved one are convicted of an OVI. Enrolling in the driver intervention program spares the offender from many typical penalties attached to drunk driving, such as mandatory time in jail.

You might even avoid OVI charges altogether if the successful completion of DIP can be negotiated as part of a later dismissal.

Aside from the practical concerns relating to your criminal record and reputation, intervention programs also go a long way in helping you deal with any substance abuse issues you may be dealing with that contribute to the charges you are facing.

How Luftman Heck & Associates Can Help

Finding the best possible outcome and weighing your options after an OVI arrest is hard. There is a lot to consider, and no case is exactly like another. At Luftman, Heck & Associates, we can help you confront the Columbus court system from your arrest to trial and facilitate admittance into whatever program benefits your unique situation the most.

We can even work to have DUI charges reduced or dismissed for insufficient evidence or other errors in many cases.

Some of the standard DUI defenses include:

  • Inaccurate chemical test results
  • Lack of probable cause
  • Mistake of fact
  • Police misconduct or abuse
  • Incorrect administration of sobriety testing
  • Inaccurate administration of chemical test results

The best way to find out which option fits your case is to contact LHA for a free and confidential consultation.

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If you have an OVI or DUI charge in Columbus, you deserve an aggressive defense and guidance regarding all of your options.

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