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Ohio License Suspension for Unpaid Debt

If you are in a lot of debt, you may have heard that your license can be suspended until you pay. Unfortunately, this is sometimes true. If you owe child support payments or other debts to the state, you may find your license revoked until you are no longer delinquent.

It’s important for you to know, though, that collectors from banks or other private creditors cannot take away your license. Creditors and collections agencies have absolutely no authority to take away your license or compel the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to do so. If they threaten you with this, you may have a case against them for harassment. State agencies, on the other hand, can get an Ohio license suspension issued. For many people drowning in debt, the consequences of this action can be catastrophic.

Are License Suspensions for Unpaid Debt Too Punishing?

Over 1 million people in Ohio have suspended licenses, and more than one-third of these are for offenses that have little or nothing to do with driving citations. This means that hundreds of thousands of people in Ohio find themselves without transportation for unpaid debts or for falling behind on insurance payments. Even worse, this makes earning the money to pay the debts off that much more difficult. If you cannot get to work, you could lose your job. For those already laid off, it’s even worse. Searching for a job without a license can be a real challenge.

Many have called for this policy to be outlawed in Ohio and across the country due to its unintended negative consequences. Furthermore, the policy has limited effectiveness in getting debts paid. Those truly down on their luck simply find themselves in even worse trouble—taking away someone’s license does not make them any more able to pay unpaid debts.

Why Contact Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyers

Hopefully, this practice of Ohio license suspensions for unpaid debts is finally put to an end. In the meantime, there is hope. Some people may qualify for a state debt relief program through which you can get your license back immediately and pay reinstatement fees in installments. This is the first step towards getting your finances under control. Even if you do not qualify, however, you have many options that can help you get control of your debt for good, including bankruptcy. If you need help paying off your debts, talk to an Ohio criminal defense lawyer to learn about your options. Call us at Luftman, Heck, & Associates at for your free consultation today.

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