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Avoiding a DUI at Red, White & Boom

Posted On: July 2nd, 2019   |   Posted by: Luftman, Heck & Associates LLP
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On July 3, Ohio’s largest fireworks display returns to Columbus as part of the city’s 39th Annual Independence Day celebration. Such an extravaganza is a pull for families across the Midwest, and throughout the day, more than 400,000 people are expected to enjoy the parade, live music, and fireworks display.

There are close to 10 alcohol stands throughout the festival area, which gives you ample opportunity to imbibe throughout the day and evening. If you and your friends or relatives choose to enjoy a few drinks, you need to plan ahead for how you will get home safely and avoid a DUI at Red, White & Boom this year.

If you or a loved one was arrested after the event, do not hesitate to call an experienced Columbus DUI lawyer at Luftman, Heck & Associates. Contact us today at (614) 500-3836 to schedule a free and confidential consultation of your case.

Avoiding a DUI at Red, White & Boom 2019

Avoiding drinking and driving takes common sense and thinking ahead. Luftman, Heck & Associates recommends you and your group:

Carpool and name a designated driver.
Parking at such large events is a pain. You and your family or friends should avoid bringing several cars to the area, and instead carpool whenever possible. This also decreases the number of people who could drink and drive. Talk about who will be responsible for driving everyone home at the end of the evening.

Use public transportation.
Whether or not you usually take the bus, now may be the time. COTA is providing efficient routes to and from the event, and buses will leave downtown periodically throughout the evening. Many of the buses serve park and ride locations, which means you still may need to plan for a ride when you get closer to home.

Use a rideshare service.
Calling an Uber or Lyft at the end of the night may be tough. There will be huge crowds and lots of drivers trying to get out of parking lots and out of downtown. But you and your friends or family may be able to walk a few blocks out of the way and call rideshare service for a ride home.

Refrain from drinking alcohol.
The best way to avoid a DUI (driving under the influence) charge this Fourth of July is not to drink at all. You may typically enjoy alcohol as part of your summer celebrations. However, this year, you may choose to keep a level head throughout the day and ensure you are ready to navigate the difficult traffic conditions once fireworks are over.

If In Doubt, Do Not Drive

If you planned on driving yourself home, but find you drank too much during the festivities, whatever you do, do not get behind the steering wheel of your vehicle. It is far better to take the bus home or call an Uber and leave your vehicle in the parking spot. You risk getting a ticket or towed, but a parking ticket and fine is a far better outcome than drunk driving.

Were You Arrested for a DUI after Red, White & Boom?

If you were arrested for impaired driving in Columbus this Fourth of July, do not hesitate to call Luftman, Heck & Associates for help. We have years of experience defending against first, multiple, and underage DUIs. We will fight for you to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

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