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When Teachers Face Charges for Sex Crimes in Ohio

Posted On: September 17th, 2018   |   Posted by: Luftman, Heck & Associates LLP
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Being accused of a sex crime is a very serious occurrence. The penalties sex offenses carry are among the most severe legal consequences. In addition, the stigma of being accused of a sexual crime can follow you through your professional and personal life for years to come. You may think that teachers have less to fear from sexual accusations. In actuality, the ramifications are often more severe when educators face accusations of sex-related crimes. This year, a former high school teacher in Dublin, Ohio pled guilty to both state and federal charges of sexual misconduct.

The term “sex offense” covers a wide array of acts. Many different elements must be satisfied in order for you to be found guilty. Because of this, there is a good chance your case will have several possible defenses that can be explored. If you’re wondering what happens when teachers face charges for sex crimes, contact an attorney from Luftman, Heck & Associates right away.

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When Children are Involved, Sex Offense Charges are More Severe

Children are frequently involved when sexual accusations are made against teachers. This accounts for the increased outrage these allegations cause. An increased personal stigma is not all you have to be concerned about. The presence of an underage party during sexual misconduct your possible fine, and how long you may be sentenced to incarceration. Gregory Lee is a prime example of this. Lee, a former high school teacher in Dublin, is facing almost 22 years prison for sex offenses he committed while employed.

Former Teacher Faces Both Federal and State Charges for Sex Crimes

Lee’s employment records show that he engaged in a long record of inappropriate behavior before facing any repercussions for his actions. At the state level, he was charged with two counts of sexual battery, to which he pled guilty. As a result, he was sentenced to eight years in prison. During his investigation, the FBI found over 200 pictures of a female student in Lee’s possession. In almost 50 photos, the girl was in some state of undress. As the student was underage at the time, Lee was charged with the federal counts of:

  • Production of child pornography
  • Possession, distribution, and receipt of child pornography

Upon conviction for both counts, Lee was sentenced to nearly 22 years in prison, and a fine of $10,000.

Lee Has a History of Misconduct with Students

Lee’s state and federal prison sentences are set to run concurrently. In other words, the “clock” on both his eight-year sentence and 22-year sentence will run at the same time. The end result of this is that he will ultimately spend 22 years incarcerated. Two decades in prison and a $10,000 fine are not the end of Lee’s repercussions. Even if he wanted to get another teaching job, he would not be permitted to; the Ohio Board of Education voted to ban him permanently from teaching. This decision was made in light of several administrative memos and reprimands. These records documented years’ worth of sexually inappropriate advances and comments made by Lee towards female students.

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If you’re an educator who is facing allegations of sexual misconduct, discussing your case with an experienced sex crimes attorney is the first step you should take. When teachers face charges for sex crimes, it’s easy for a situation to become overwhelming. To help defend yourself, contact Luftman, Heck, & Associates today. Our dedicated Columbus criminal defense attorneys will listen to your side of the facts, and fight to ensure your rights remain protected. To schedule a free consultation of your case, contact us today at (614) 406-5868.

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